RCI – Remit-Assist

RCI – RemitAssist automates each step of the posting process, from retrieval of 835 files to matching 835 files with bank deposits, batch creation, file application, report generation, reconciliation and error resolution.

Key Benefits

Spot and Track Gaps and Irregularities

Identify and capture denials, underpayments and more.

Generate worklists and track key trends.

Track denials, adjustments, retractions and more from payer to revenue code, HCPCS and DRG.

Keep Detailed EOB Reports Readily Available

Customize KPIs, dashboards, and reports for all users, specific groups, or individuals to get answers more quickly.

Rely on the SaS model for rapid implementation at no additional financial outlays for hardware, software, or IT support.

Pull Remittance Files from All Payers at Any Time

Foster a results-driven culture by assigning responsibility, monitoring activity, and measuring outcomes.

Set bolder benchmarks.

Aim for higher ROI.

Increase Your Filing Accuracy

Easily map CARC codes to appropriate categories.

Automatically calculate correct contractuals on secondary payments and more.

Speed Matters

Automated Transactions

Posting insurance payment and denial information doesn’t have to be a tedious, time consuming manual task. Automating your postings will help you shore up any missing or outstanding payments, and will free up staff for other work.

With Aurora RMS, you can post the following transactions:

  • Payments
  • Contractual allowance
  • Contractual Allowance Reversals
  • Withdrawls
  • Deductible amount
  • Co-insurance amount
  • Rejections
  • Suspended claims
  • Coordination of Benefits notes
  • Denial Reason notes
  • Client “Rules Based” notes

Streamlined and Efficient

Standardized Advice Files

Track status of all remittance advice files and manage the reconciliation process.

  • Complete and single-line remittance advices
  • Detailed secondary payment reports
  • Retraction reports
  • RAC reports

Healthcare Experience

Over twenty years in healthcare EDI and patient financial-services experience give us a clear understanding of the unique needs of healthcare providers and enable us to deliver highly effective solutions optimized to meet the specialized needs of our clients.

We understand the importance of maximizing the number of payers posted electronically and work to obtain 835 data from all payers including smaller local plans.

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