Revenue Cycle Intelligence

Keep your operating margins healthy with data, insights and the ability to optimize every transaction throughout your revenue cycle. Aurora’s proven technology will help your team maximize cash-to-revenue and cut down on the cost of collection — so you can focus on caring for patients instead of fighting for reimbursements.

Key Benefits

Get a Clear and Accurate View of Your Entire Revenue Cycle

Automatically pull data from multiple sources to get actionable insights.

Monitor and manage revenue cycle operations in real time.

Quickly discover, correct, and prevent deficiencies at all levels, from enterprise to specific processes and users.

Adapt, Learn, and React as Needed

Tailor dynamic, flexible workflows to your needs.

Customize KPIs, dashboards, and reports for all users, specific groups, or individuals to get answers more quickly.

Rely on the SaS model for rapid implementation at no additional financial outlays for hardware, software, or IT support.

Get Used to Feeling Confident about Your Finances

Foster a results-driven culture by assigning responsibility, monitoring activity, and measuring outcomes.

Set bolder benchmarks.

Aim for higher ROI.

Advanced Analysis

Workflow Management Integration

Actionable intelligence to optimize performance across revenue cycle processes.

Automatic capture, categorization, prioritization and assignment of at risk accounts to maximize cash and reduce days in receivable.

Decreased denials and improved recoveries, using RCI workflow to manage appeals and track results.

RAC, CERT and other payer audits management and “red-flags” recognition to help identify and assess risk and reduce financial impacts.

Custom workflows to effectively manage revenue cycle processes from pre-registration and financial counseling to bad debt collections and vendor management.

Want to See More?

Get a step-by-step demonstration of what exactly Aurora does and what it can do to improve your organization’s financial health.