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RCI Executive Dashboard

The RCI Executive Dashboard is a Scorecard designed to deliver an executive view of the revenue cycle through meaningful KPIs. We minimize the need to capture additional input by using the data that is already housed within RCI. This allows you to:

Quickly identify trends and track progress against benchmarks

Recognize outliers to make informed decisions concerning your AR

Focus on areas needing improvement

Group KPIs into relevant departments

Grant custom access to individuals in other departments

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Check out Aurora’s latest technology within RCI: Robotic Process Automation

The newest enhancement to Exception-based Workflow, Automated and Accelerated!
Monitor every account throughout the revenue cycle from $0 to $0.
RCI automatically reviews every account, ensuring charges are entered, coding is completed, and bills are submitted. Robotic Process Automation scours payer portals, creating “Pre-Remits” with actionable information, capturing and assigning denials and rejections up to 30 days sooner. Remittance advice files are immediately scanned, uncovering denials and updating adjudication information. All payments and adjustments are examined, identifying underpayments, zero payments and other anomalies. As a final safety net, RCI tirelessly interrogates the entire receivable capturing any remaining at-risk accounts.
RCI gives you the confidence to know nothing will slip through the cracks!
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