You Take Care of Patients,
We Take Care of Payments.

Aurora’s cloud-based revenue cycle solutions help healthcare organizations get paid—on time, in full, and at no extra cost of collection.

Our Products

Revenue Cycle Intelligence

Manage, analyze, plan, and improve your organization’s financial wellbeing in every phase of the revenue cycle.

Automatically receive, process, and post payments eliminating time consuming manual effort.

Critical Support

Cash Benchmarks


We help process owners monitor and manage revenue cycle operations in real time.


We make it easy to adapt dynamic, flexible workflows to your organization’s needs.


When you partner with us, you will greatly exceed your ROI benchmarks.

What do our clients say?

“Our Goal was to increase collections by $1.5 Million the first year with this product (RCI). We have already exceeded our goal and are on track to collect $4.2 million. Rarely does a company meet ROI expectations, Aurora exceeded them.”

— Cathy Carter, Western Maryland Health System