Our technology

One Platform –
End to End Solutions

The RCI platform incorporates the latest technology, including AI/ML, RPA and more in a unified platform to streamline revenue cycle operations for healthcare organizations of any specialty or size.

Our modular approach, and cloud-based deployment allow us to quickly and cost effectively deliver impactful automation solutions

RCI Automate

RCI-Automate: Pinpoint and target revenue cycle inefficiencies with cost-effective automation-as-a-service solutions to keep your operating margins healthy.

RCI Resolve

RCI-Resolve establishes guardrails that keep staff focused appropriately. Minimize non-productive time by identifying and eliminating un-payable accounts, assists staff with automation to handle simple redundant tasks.

RCI Elevate

RCI-Elevate establishes a culture of accountability where exceptional quality and performance are recognized and rewarded. Elevate monitors effort in real-time, measures performance based on results, and incentivizes excellence.

RCI Analyze

RCI-Analyze assembles data from multiple sources and systems creating a standardized and unified reporting and analysis source. Comprehensive Dashboards, Drill Downs and KPI reporting provide a clear picture of revenue cycle performance.