RCI - Automate

Automation is the Answer

Staffing challenges and unrelenting increases in workload damage revenue cycle performance by degrading effectiveness and productivity. For many healthcare organizations solving this costly, time-consuming, and inefficient undertaking is daunting and complex.

Research by KPMG suggests RPA could reduce revenue cycle costs by 25 to 40 percent for hospitals and health systems

RCI-AutomatePinpoint and target revenue cycle inefficiencies with cost effective automation as-a-service solutions to keep your operating margins healthy. 

Our Process

Automate starts with an assessment designed to discover inefficient revenue cycle processes where automation will yield the greatest benefit at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

maximum lift

Aurora’s deep revenue cycle experience and proven technology enable us to tactically deploy automation solutions to maximize our results.

case studies

cost savings example

A multi-state physical therapy organization recognized that fulfilling payer requests for medical records was entirely manual, required 7.5 FTEs, and frequently failed to submit records. Deploying RCI-Automate reduced the staffing requirement by 4.5 FTEs decreasing cost by over 40%. Beyond the direct cost savings, automation has provided additional lift, improving cash collected, on claims with ADR requests, by 32%, and reducing medical necessity write-offs by 18%.

staff reduction example

A Mid Atlantic health system fully automated the application of 2.3 million payments worth more than $4.1 Billion from over 330 plans each year. RCI-Automate enabled a 60% reduction in staffing. The entire process is now managed by a staff of just 3.5 FTEs