Consulting Services

Aurora’s client retention rate is industry leading. It is the ongoing engagement with our highly experienced health care specialist that ensures qualitative improvement in key categories.

Our professionals provide a dedicated, singular focus on improving revenue cycle performance.  RCI analysis technology in combination with proven assessment methodology uniquely equips our consultants to pinpoint inefficiencies and implement highly effective solutions.  The central goal of all projects is to deliver rapid and significant ROI via cost-effective, measurable, and maintainable improvements. 

  • Automation Assessment
  • Process optimization and re-engineering
  • Implementation of productivity and effectiveness monitoring plus gamification tools to support remote work. Receivable valuation
  • Backlog reduction workplans and project management

The Challenges: Optimizing and managing revenue cycle operations in an increasingly complex environment can be nearly impossible.

Many revenue cycle leaders find themselves spending most of their time dealing with urgent problems, attending to ancillary duties and participating in various meetings to support multiple initiatives.  This situation makes it extremely difficult for leaders to review and analyze each process to discover inefficiencies and implement improvements.


The Solution: Your Personal Business and Process Consultant

Aurora brings a comprehensive understanding of the revenue cycle based on over 25 plus years of working collaboratively with our clients to deliver and maintain optimal revenue cycle performance.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Resolution: Aurora adopts the stance that we are in partnership with you and serve as an extension of your workforce. This individualized, personalized attention enables us to provide highly effective, accurate and timely service.

The Challenges: There are too many ways in which revenue can be lost when staffing is limited, and technology is not employed. Providers struggle with systems and personnel to deal with increasingly complex payer requirements, new government rules, and an ever-increasing volume of aged, small balance accounts.  These challenges can result in losses that can be significant and debilitating to the bottom line.

The Solution: A powerful combination of experts and technology improving your bottom line.  Aurora provides the right mix of innovation, strategic thinking, talent, and discipline to manage revenue collection. The goal is to be efficient and cost effective in maximizing reimbursement while accurately identifying root causes and resolving all accounts.  AI technology coupled with experienced professionals at Aurora maximize cash collected while providing the intelligence to prevent future bottlenecks.

Accounts Receivable Resolution Services Include:

  • Just-In-Time staffing resources
  • Legacy work down
  • Backlog elimination
  • Special Projects