RCI - Analyze

Gain Actionable Intelligence

RCI-Analyze assembles data from multiple sources and systems creating a standardized and unified reporting and analysis source.  Comprehensive Dashboards, Drill Downs and KPI reporting provide a clear picture of revenue cycle performance.  Our easy-to-use report writer is purpose built to enable revenue cycle users at all levels to quickly create and publish sophisticated reports and eliminate reliance on IT or expensive training. 

Gaining the actionable insights managers need to tactically support revenue cycle operations can be challenging.  Generating AD-Hoc reports from EHR systems requires training and seeking help from IT or your system vendor is expensive and time consuming.

Gain Actionable intelligence.   Comprehensive dashboards, drill down analysis, KPIs and easy to use report writer quickly provide actionable information at all levels.   Identify bottlenecks, denials, underpayments, and rejections by automatically capturing root causes to drive prevention.  Pinpoint opportunities to deploy automation for maximum effect.