RCI - Resolve

Establish a High-Level Trajectory

RCI-Resolve establishes guardrails that keep staff focused appropriately.  Minimize non-productive time by identifying and eliminating un-payable accounts, assists staff with automation to handle simple redundant tasks.  

Optimizing the accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness of account resolution is imperative in today’s environment of increasing complexity, staffing challenges, and remote work.  In order to eliminate wasted or ineffective efforts, accounts must be assigned based on priorities and activities driven by exceptions.  Accountability must be established with outstanding performance incentivized and rewarded.

Effective denials management and account resolution depend on the ability to identify, prioritize, and assign at-risk accounts automatically and rapidly.


  • Automatically identifies, prioritizes, and assigns at-risk balances.
  • The dashboard provides real-time visibility of all open balance accounts by:
    • Owner
    • Status
    • Root Cause
    • Days since last follow-up
    • Completed and scheduled activities
    • Denial Reason
    • More

Streamlining Focus. Maximizing Efficiency

Case Study Example


150 bed health system uses RCI-Resolve to automatically interrogate all hospital and physician accounts, remits, charges, and adjustments automatically capturing and assigning at risk balances and driving resolution. 


“Our goal was to increase collections by $1.5 Million in the first year with this service (RCI-Resolve).  We have already exceeded our goal and are on track to collect $4.2 million”. 

“Rarely does a company meet ROI expectations, Aurora exceeded them”. 

Director, Revenue Cycle