Innovation and Experience, Talent, and Technology

Working in concert to accelerate revenue cycle performance.


Revenue Cycle Intelligence

Manage, analyze, plan, and improve your organization’s financial wellbeing in every phase of the revenue cycle.



Automating and Optimizing revenue cycle operations for Hospitals, Health Systems and providers of all sizes and specialties.

Transforming Revenue Cycle Management

We blend cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise, ensuring that healthcare providers can focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional patient care.

Tailor our Approach

Our suite of solutions leverages the synergy between innovation, experience, and talent to streamline operations, minimize financial leakage, and unlock the true potential of your revenue cycle.

RCI Platform - Featured Solutions

Welcome to the heart of innovation where technology meets efficiency – our RCI Platform. Engineered to empower healthcare providers, our platform is a nexus of solutions tailored to enhance and streamline your revenue cycle management. From automating claims processing to optimizing payment cycles, we provide a suite of tools designed to elevate your operational workflow and financial performance. Our platform is intuitive, scalable, and robust, addressing the complexities of today’s healthcare billing landscape.

And if your needs are unique, our platform is versatile enough to create customized solutions that fit precisely with your objectives.
At Aurora Healthcare, we don’t just solve problems; we innovate possibilities.

The possibilities are endless…

What our Clients Say

“It’s not just about the technology at Aurora, it’s about their people. They really do become an extension of our team. They are personally vested in your success.”
VP Patient Financial Services

MedStar Health

“Their phased implementation should be considered “best practice and best in class”. It’s painless and seamless. It minimized issues with transitioning from the manual to automated process. Just one of many benefits of working with Aurora.”
Regional Director

Westchester Medical Center

“Aurora is a true partner that helped us eliminate wasted effort, focus our team, and improve client satisfaction.”
Vice President